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As the largest joint in your body, the knee plays a central role in how you move throughout the day. Fellowship-trained arthroscopic surgeon Neil Mulchandani, MD, provides surgical treatment for severe and persistent knee pain at City Orthopedics in Flushing and Chinatown, New York City. To find out if knee surgery is right for you, call the office nearest you or book an appointment online today.

Knee Surgery Q & A

Why would I need knee surgery?

The team at City Orthopedics always explores nonsurgical treatments, such as physical therapy and platelet-rich plasma (PRP), before considering surgery. You may be a candidate for knee surgery if you have severe and persistent knee pain that doesn’t resolve with nonsurgical treatments. 

The team at City Orthopedics performs knee surgery to treat a wide range of conditions, including:

  • Arthritis of the knee
  • Inflamed joint lining
  • Meniscus tears
  • Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears
  • Damaged articular cartilage
  • Loose fragments of cartilage or bone
  • Knee infections
  • Knee fractures

If surgery is necessary, the team at City Orthopedics uses the least invasive approach possible. 

What are the types of knee surgery?

Depending on your condition, your City Orthopedics provider may use traditional, open surgery, or minimally invasive arthroscopy. 

The skilled team at City Orthopedics is highly qualified to perform knee surgery using advanced minimally invasive techniques. Arthroscopic knee surgery uses one or more small incisions no bigger than a buttonhole. 

Because it’s minimally invasive, arthroscopic surgery involves less pain and shorter recovery time than open surgery, which uses a much larger incision. However, open surgery may be necessary for certain conditions, such as advanced arthritis or severe knee fractures. 

What should I expect from a knee surgery procedure?

First, the City Orthopedics team carefully reviews your medical history and evaluates your condition to determine whether knee surgery is right for you. They may order tests, such as an X-ray or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan.

Then, the City Orthopedics team develops an individualized surgical plan tailored to your condition. Depending on your needs, this may include minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery, open knee surgery, or a combination of both.

The details of your procedure and recovery vary based on the type of surgery you get and the complexity of your knee problem. The team at City Orthopedics develops a personalized rehabilitation plan to help you recover. This typically includes physical therapy to restore normal function after knee surgery. 

If you think you need knee surgery, call City Orthopedics or book an appointment online today.